Saturday, June 22, 2013

Budget Meals Inside Disneyland to Share

Now lets look at our picks for meals big enough to share in Disneyland.  Once again I have limited this list to counter service restaurants, as that helps keep meals budget friendly without having to pay additional costs associated with sit down restaurants. I am only including items we have tried and would recommend to other diners. 

Main Street USA:

Plaza Inn-One of the nice things about eating at the Plaza Inn is that despite the counter service, you receive your food on china and eat with real utensils. While eating on their expansive patio can be nice, the inside dining room can make you forget your at an amusement park. It make for a nice break from the park.  Our pick is the Plaza Inn Specialty Chicken (broasted). This is fried chicken done right!  You get half a chicken (advertised as 3 pieces, but its a breast, wing, leg, and thigh) along with a scoop of mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, and a roll. This platter is huge and can be easily shared between two people.  For a small up charge, you can substitute the leg and thigh with another breast if you have two people who prefer that (as well obtain an extra mashed potato scoop for green beans and vice-versa). The cost of the standard plate is $13.99+tax. TIP:This is one of two "official" spots that allow unlimited refills, even going so far as providing to go cups.

New Orleans Square:

The French Market-This can be a nice relaxation point in your day, as more often than not, there is a decent little Jazz band that will play thought the day.  There is a little Mint Julep bar that sells mickey beignets, mint juleps, and assorted drinks on the side of the dining area. Next to that is one of the terrific filtered water fountains where you can refill a water bottle.  While there are several tasty offerings through this location, the French Quarter Chicken is the only offering we feel is a meal you can realistically share. The meal consists of half an Oven Roasted Chicken that comes with "smashed" potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and Citrus Au Jus.   Unlike the Plaza Inn chicken pieces, this is a whole half so there is no way to swap out for other chicken pieces.  We have had this dish with double veggies, if that is a preference for you.The cost of the plate is $13.49+tax.


Rancho Del Zocolo- We love the atmosphere here and find it is a good spot to relax and take a break. In the seating area is a terrific filtered fountain that you can refill water bottles at.  As for the food, depending on your parties appetite, several of the dishes here can be split.  When not too hungry, we have shared the Red Chile Enchilada Platter,  Carne Asada & Red Chile Enchilada Platter, Grilled Fish Tacos, and Soft Tacos Monterrey. For a more filling dish to split we order the Citrus Fire-Grilled Chicken platter.  This is our favorite splittable meal here.  The chicken is marinated and than fire-grilled making it really tasty.  It comes with Mexican rice and refried beans.  At times we have substituted sauteed vegetables for the rice and beans.  As with the French Market chicken, it is half a chicken, so there is no changing out for more desired pieces.  The cost of the plate is $13.49+tax. TIP: Although not stated, we have had no trouble obtaining refills for sodas here.


Edelweiss snacks: This is a pull over from the single meal page, but truly could be shared! If you are looking for just a pure kick of protein as a meal stop, you can stop here for either the Jumbo Turkey Leg or the Barbecue Pork shank. Either will set you back $9.49 and both are good for that.


Red Rockett's Pizza Port-
This is a second pull over from the single meal page, but it is large enough to split for a light meal for two.The only thing we have enjoyed here is the Count Down Chicken Fusilli. At $9.49+tax it is a large and extremely filling pasta portion.  We always grab extra free Parmesan packs to boost the flavor. We also recommend requesting a side of sauce to give you a bit creamier pasta.  Tip-This is the second "official" spot where we have obtained unlimited soda refills with receipt.

At this time the listing for sharable recommendations in Disneyland is small, as we have found that most meals offered are not viable options to split between two adults and provide a full meal.  Now it is true that a visitor could order an adult portion meal and split it between an adult and a child, or 2 to 3 children depending on appetites. We have always found that at times this was the best option, ordering two adult entree's and splitting between two adults and our daughter.

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