Saturday, October 12, 2013

Heading to Disneyland for Halloween

Well last week was a lucky week for the Pond Family.  We won tickets to visit the Disneyland during Halloween and have planned a trip for October 19th.  This allows us a visit to the resort quicker than anticipated and will allow me to post Halloween goodies.  This will also allow me to start my planned review and posting of each eating establishment within the Disneyland Parks, Downtown Disney, and the Resort Hotels. Within the coming weeks and months, I will be dedicating a review page to each eatery including pictures and any food items purchased.  I find that as I plan my resort visits, having pictures along with information is essential to plan out our visits. 

To further the excitement for this unplanned trip, I took a blank puzzle from Joanne's and decorated with a message that read: "Sarah, You are going to Disneyland tomorrow!"  I broke the pieces up and placed three to an envelope for the 16 days leading up to the visit.  Each day she has received a hint to find a sealed "clue" envelope.  She is not allowed to open the envelopes until the night before the trip to ensure there is no guessing of the surprise before then.  Every day she has been given a hint and found an envelope.  In our household, we wonder who is more excited, Mom and Dad who know what is coming or the girl who has no idea.

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